Co-Principal Investigators

Professor Malini Ranganathan

Dr. Ranganathan is an interdisciplinary geographer with a special interest in postcolonial urbanism. Her work contributes to the cross-cutting fields of urban political ecology, critical urban studies, and ethnographies of state formation and development and has been principally focused on Bangalore/Bengaluru in India. She brings insights from postcolonial cities to bear on urban space, epistemology, and inequality in the US and seeks to further bridge the North-South divide through this project. Dr. Ranganathan’s “Water Marginalization at the Urban Fringe: Environmental Justice and Political Ecology Across the North-South Divide” was published in Urban Geography.

You can read more about Dr. Ranganathan’s work on her website.

Eve Bratman

Professor Eve Bratman

Dr. Bratman’s research concerns sustainable development politics and environmental governance. Her major projects focus on the links between environmental policy, infrastructure, agriculture, and human rights in the Brazilian Amazon. Dr. Bratman also has expertise in urban politics and development issues in the Americas, including in Washington DC. Dr. Bratman’s “Development’s Paradox: is Washington DC a Third World city?” was published in Third World Quarterly.

To learn more about Dr. Bratman’s work, visit her website.





Master’s Student Tracy Watson

Ms. Watson is studying International Development at American University’s School of International Service. She aims to expand the understanding of the root causes of multidimensional poverty and contribute practicable solutions, grounded by community-based participatory research (CBPR) and community-directed research (CDR). Ms. Watson hails from Richmond and Oakland, CA. She has worked with underrepresented groups for over 10 years.