Gangplank Marina

Gangplank Marina
The Gangplank Marina “live-aboard” boaters (those who live aboard their boats on a year-round basis) are located along Washington DC’s Southwest Waterfront.

The live-aboard community at the Gangplank Marina is predominantly composed of white, lower middle to middle-class residents, along with a handful of minorities, families with children, and retirees. Their homes are an eclectic mix of barges, powerboats, catamarans, and houseboats in a variety of conditions. The live-aboard boaters at the Gangplank Marina have a community association (Gangplank Slipholders Association, or GPSA) as well as a yacht club (Port of Washington Yacht Club, or POWYC) under the auspices of which the bulk of formal events and community organizing take place.

You can take a virtual tour of the Gangplank Marina and the surrounding SW community through this photo essay.

Ward 6
The Gangplank Marina is located in Washington DC’s Ward 6. According to a report from the African American Environmentalist Association, Ward 6 has 72% black residents, 26% white residents, and 2% residents of other racial backgrounds. There are serious levels of pollution, and Ward 6 is home to the Anacostia River (a repository for the city’s poison runoff),  RFK Stadium, the D.C. Jail,  D.C. Armory, Swirl Concentrator, the Capitol Power Plant, and the Langston Golf Course abandoned landfill.